circo de sastre




音楽家×裁縫師×照明作家 による音と布と光のサーカス。










Originally, expressions are those which are not differentiated and organized,

From the idea that it would be like a human impulse or a soul of energy of thought,

I emphasize to communicate in a form of intact mixed with various expressions,

Without doing excessive production and artificial acts, I will show myself making things all the while.

Instead of acting, the concept is to show the truth of movement.

There is space, music, light and shadow, clothes, food.

Using all the things around people, trying to create a moment that gives the impression of shaking some heart.

Even though ourselves disappears and the times change, we continue pursuing new ways of expressing universally, there will be live in your heart,

seeking the root of expression which lasts for 1000 years.


「物語のある音楽」をテーマに、ヨーロッパやアメリカでの公演を始め、フジロックなどの野外フェティバル への参加や数多くの

ミュージシャンとの共演など、国内外多くの観客を魅了し、マヌチャオ、ジャイルスピーターソンからもリスペクトされる曽我大穂とガンジーによるユニット“CINEMA dub MONKS”、

東京を代表するファッションブランドの一つで、ダンス・ミュージシャン・舞台の衣装なども多数手がけ、2009年に世界の新鋭デザイナー10名の中の一人として選ばれ、ミラノでの合同ショーや、インド合同 ショーに参加し、また、最近ではインドネシア、ASEAN内でも精力的な活動をし、ファッション分野に限らず幅 広い活動をしている“Suzuki Takayuki”、


ライブ、展覧会などでの独特の手法で作られる照明演出が各方面から賞賛され、ECM のミュージシャンなどか らも絶大な信頼を得ている





これまでに何度か共演したのち、 その場で生み出される瞬間のエネルギーを大切にし、

新たなグループ「circo de sastre(シルコ・デ・サスト レ)=スペイン語で “仕立て屋のサーカス”」として2014年より活動を開始する。

Story-telling is central to the music of CINEMA dub MONKS. They have performed at numerous music festivals such as Fuji Rock and succeeded shows internationally in Europe and the States.


On the stage, they are joined by Suzuki Takayuki, who has been creating clothing for his own brand as well as numerous costumes for dancers, musicians and actors on stage, and also active widely as a member of an artist group and taking part in an improvisational project.

The stage lighting is directed by Takashi Watanabe, who is notable for his unique style of light manipulation at live performances and exhibition spaces.


born the story by these four guys. After co-starring several times so far, Cherish the energy of the moment created on the spot and start activities from 2014 as a new group "circo de sastre = Circus of tailors" in Spanish.

2014.07  tokyo at: VACANT

        .11   hyogo at: Sasayama rizm
2015.01   kyoto at: Kyoto art center

       .02   kanagawa at: ZOU-NO-HANA TERRACE

       .02  tokyo at: VACANT

       .06  tokyo at: VACANT

       .07  kyoto at: Former rissei elementary school

       .07  tokyo at: esper.

       .07  okinawa at: CAFÉ UNIZON

       . 11   kumamoto at: Hayakawa souko

2016.01  tokyo at: VACANT

        .06 tokyo at: VACANT

        .07 fukuoka at: FACTORY UNVELASHU

        .07 kumamoto at: Hayakawa souko 

        .07 kagoshima at: otsu souko 

        .08 kanazawa at: 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa

2017.01  tokyo at: LUMINE O

       .02  kanagawa at: BankART Studio NYK 3F 3C Gallery

       .05  aichi at: MORI,MICHI,ICHIBA

       .05  fukuoka at: UNION SODA

       .06  kyoto at: Former rissei elementary school

       .07  hokkaido at: guild Nemuro

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