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〈 France Bordeaux 〉



4 Rue Achzard, 

33300 Bordeaux



Thursday, October 31 … Open:18:30 / Start:20:00

Friday , November 1 … Open:18:30 / Start:20:00

Saturday, November 2 … Open:17:30 / Start:19:00

Sunday, November 3 … Open:17:30 / Start:19:00


Duration: 2 hours

Drinks available for sale as soon as the doors are opened

Free standing "sit-stand"

Number of seats limited.



Advance ticket:18 €

Same day ticket:20 €

Students:10 €

Children up to 12 years old: free


〈 フランス ボルドー公演 〉



4 Rue Achard, 

33300 Bordeaux



10/31 (Thu) … 開場:18:30 / 開演:20:00

11/1 (Fri) … 開場:18:30 / 開演:20:00

11/2 (Sat) … 開場:17:30 / 開演:19:00

11/3 (Sun) … 開場:17:30 / 開演:19:00








circo de sastre

Japanese troupe, fusion of fashion, music and light.

Musicians: Daiho SOGA Stylist - tailor: Takayuki SUZUKIALight technician: Takashi WATANABE

Their latest creation immerses the viewer in the heart of the creative process of a Japanese tailor. A live performance halfway between theater and storytelling, mixing sounds, fabrics and lights. Through performances constantly renewed, modeled by the atmosphere of the city, the nature of the place, the energy of the room, these artists manage to transmit their passion, with intensity. By overcoming cultural and linguistic barriers, this moment of sharing is for these 3 artists, all recognized in their respective fields, a way to touch the hearts and create an emotion that will survive them.

After the success of performances in 2018, they are back for the second time in Bordeaux with a new show.


Part One: tAk & Demont

TAK & DEMONTTakuma Shindo (music) and Adrien Demont (drawing) have been collaborating since 2011 on new forms of comic concerts, allowing all types of audiences to watch live the creation of a series of narrative images, produced by the draftsman, in an intimate moment immersing the viewer in the magic of their appearances.These are performances combining instrumental music of "ambient / post-rock" type, and live drawing around the concept of "mono no aware", or "things to move," a Japanese notion defined as an ephemeral feeling that includes some form of melancholy, unrepressed regret, and arising from the impermanence of things.

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